I’ve been getting a lot of questions, mostly from nervous family members, about concern for my safety. Last year I wanted to take a solo trip from California to Mexico and my dad had a cow. (I’m 41 years old and still his little girl ❤ ) Never mind the fact that I have driven 3,029 miles from California to Florida (alone with three small children) to visit him but that was perfectly fine. My son, and I know his heart is in the right place, frequently sends me links to safety-while-traveling articles. I’m not sure where the fear comes from but if you throw a foreign country into the conversation it’s bound to get kicked up a few notches.

Frankly, I’m more worried about loneliness as a solo traveler than anything else. However, I do try to set their minds at ease. I tell them that I know common sense goes a long way and that trusting your instinct is important. But is it any MORE important when you are out in the world than it would be a few miles from your front door? I don’t want my family to worry about me while I’m away and on my own so I am seriously considering a self-defense course for people with boobs. I have been reading up on how other females deal with solo travel and I share their stories (the good, the bad and the ugly) with my family members.

Sure, bad things are not only possible they are bound to happen. Should you HAVE to change your style of travel or your directions/methods/choices out of fear? No, but I’m not down for a gender inequality argument right now. Let’s just say that women SHOULDN’T have to make concessions but criminals will be criminals. You do have to admit and agree that these things can and do happen on Main Street USA just as they will on Mainz Strasse in Frankfurt, Germany. London-England-1So, I will choose to keep my head up, be aware of my surroundings, walk with confidence and be sure to not be in the seedy parts of town alone at night.

Here are a few great articles from ladies that are out there doing it and what they have to say on the subject:


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Hey there! February 2014 after a bit of soul searching but more of a desire to live my life differently, I made the decision to sell my house, sell all the crap that is filling up my life and hit the road for the life of a vagabond. These are my pictures, my stories and my journey...

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