I don’t profess to even remotely know what the hell I’m doing. There, I said it. I KNOW that I am ready for a change and I am ready to throw caution to the wind and see what shakes out. To that end, I have consulted with some of my vagabond heros. I sent about five emails out detailing my financial plan, methods of travel and so on and so forth. I asked them to be brutally honest and spare no criticism. One of the recurring themes in all the replies was how important it is to have a place to go to take a break from the road. As much as I was ready to run away and never (ok, hardly ever) look back, I can see the wisdom in that. I don’t have a plan for that (have I mentioned that I have no idea what I’m doing?) but I have faith that everything will be all right!

I’ve begun to downsize a little. Well, in all honesty I haven’t. As a matter of fact I have BOUGHT stuff, LOTS of stuff but I will SOON start to downsize, put the California house on the market in June/July and GET THE HECK OUTTA HERE!

Thanks for checking in with me and all the support and well wishes I have received!

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Hey there! February 2014 after a bit of soul searching but more of a desire to live my life differently, I made the decision to sell my house, sell all the crap that is filling up my life and hit the road for the life of a vagabond. These are my pictures, my stories and my journey...


  1. Love it! The excitement in your ‘voice’ makes me so happy 🙂
    I look forward to the advice you will offer me one of these days as you are already shaping up to be a vagabond hero yourself!

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