Bicycle Touring Gear For Mexico

   Everyone needs STUFF when they travel. How and what you pack will be up to your style, needs and budget. I have seen it done for much less money and obviously for MUCH more money. I tried to find a good middle ground that works for me. Some things were a bit pricey but remember, I started accumulating things slowly over 2 YEARS ago. Also since this stuff will be my home for the next however long and I have to PEDAL it around the world on a bicycle, I tried to do a lot of research to find lightweight AND quality that will last.

Heather & Gear : 252 lbs.

Rider: 179 lbs. (shhh… I’m workin’ on it!) Gear: 42 lbs. Bike & Rack: 41 lbs.

Getting Us and the Gear Around
Sleepy TIME
Creating & bothering folks back home
personal belongings
  • Clothes; this seems like a ridiculous amount of clothing to me, ESPECIALLY since I bought them 6 months or more ago and I have been sitting around the house waiting to go and gaining weight… they are all very tight 😦   good thing cycling is excellent exercise!

    • on-bike clothes (3 tops/bottoms)
    • pants (2)
    • shorts (2)
    • swim suit (1)
    • undies (7)
    • sports bra (1)
    • socks (3)
    • short sleeve shirts (3)
    • tank tops/pajamas (3)
    • clip shoes for bike
    • tennis shoes
    • flip flops
    • bandanas for sweaty work
    • sun sleeves
  • Important Documents/Money: passports, immunization records, bank cards, emergency cash
  • Toiletries
  • Travel Towel
  • Travel First Aid Kit
  • Scrubba Wash Bag: THIS little thing is so cool! You can wash two shirts, a pair of shorts and undies quick and easy. Also doubles as a dry bag.
  • Lightweight Clothesline

To start this journey, we have decided NOT to bring cooking gear. Food in Mexico can be found pretty cheap and isn’t that the point of traveling to different countries? We will pack a little food on the bike that does not require cooking, as a back up but rely on markets, restaurants and STREET TACOS! We’ll see how it works and maybe add a stove later and all the crap that comes with it later.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the links above will take you to Amazon for a description and detail of the product. If you buy something through that link I think I get about .32 cents (kidding, not really sure cuz I'm new to affiliate programs). I will only link to something I have actually owned, used and liked.

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Hey there! February 2014 after a bit of soul searching but more of a desire to live my life differently, I made the decision to sell my house, sell all the crap that is filling up my life and hit the road for the life of a vagabond. These are my pictures, my stories and my journey...

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  1. I think with the Amazon affiliates program you’re not allowed to talk about making money from the links. Not sure what the rules are specifically; I’ve just seen someone else struggle and get all their earnings taken away. May be something to look into! Xoxo

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