Cycling Across Mexico: Cereso Los Cabos -> Los Barrilas

   After the prison fiasco, the rest of the way to Santiago was uneventful, but challenging heat and hills were the order of the day as we had not yet learned to cycle at day break. We found the most wonderful roadside treasure outside the home of a local. Some one had hung a weather beaten tarp in the trees creating a welcome respite from the scorching sun.

Hitching a ride to the turn off to Santiago.

   We did decide to hitchhike toward the end of the day as we were completely drained with 6.5 miles to go and we were picked up by a friendly young man heading home from work who, after he let us out, picked up a two women and a baby sitting at a roadside ride-share stop. Again, the kindness of strangers shows me that not everyone is to be feared. Take Jan, for instance.

Jan, Kim and Bodie
Best of both: hot springs feeding into a cold river.

   Jan is the gentleman we met at the airport who offered to show us around Santiago and a place to pitch our tent. We arrived dirty, tired, hungry very happy to see Jan, Kim and Bodie (all from Oregon, living idyllic lives of 6 months there and 6 in a Mexican paradise through the winter) who greeted us as friends. They were kind enough to feed us, provided great conversation and gave us a place to shower and sleep. We felt so comfortable with them that we accepted the offer of a day off the bike and some sightseeing the next day. .  So, after a delicious breakfast with fresh squeezed orange juice we headed out to the beach and hot springs. One more night with the gang and we were back on the road to Los Barrilas. We left just after sun rise and we treated to cool weather cycling, easy climbs and gorgeous views.

The mountains sheltering the oasis of Santiago.
Our first glimpse of the Sea of Cortez, from bicycles.

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Hey there! February 2014 after a bit of soul searching but more of a desire to live my life differently, I made the decision to sell my house, sell all the crap that is filling up my life and hit the road for the life of a vagabond. These are my pictures, my stories and my journey...

9 thoughts on “Cycling Across Mexico: Cereso Los Cabos -> Los Barrilas

  1. I love that you are doing this awesome bucket list dream. Gotta say you’re braver than I am. I won’t share my fears as not to give you anything from my wacko brain. I so very proud of you both, I feel like I’m beaming as I ride vicariously through you. Keep up this wonderful adventure and pics. If I was there with the federals I’m sure I would of had to do more than brush my teeth. Patty and I could’ve had a shaking contest. I love you both mucho grande! Ride on sistas!!!! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are such strong brave ladies!! You are actually doing what many of us only wish we could. It’s already exciting and you e only begun!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! A run in with the law, friendly ‘locals’ and good homemade food – sounds like a great start to an epic adventure! ❤
    Are you finding it hard to take your time and not feel the ‘rushed vacation’ timing thing?
    Loving your posts, more pics please 🙂


    1. To be honest, Patty and I were just talking about that today. I’m still mentally in vacation mode 😕 we needed to ditch some things and send them back to the states today. The self-styled “gringo postmaster” only receives mail from the states so we had to track down a place. I kept rushing, thinking about the whole wasted day when I finally realized: I’m camped at a beach front location with every amenity for $10/night while eating $1 tacos, $1.50 if you want the rice and beans and $.50 beers. Ummm… I could stay a week or longer who cares. CHILLAX, HEATHER!


      1. Yeah, that Heather sounds pretty smart 🙂 I imagine it will take some time to get used to taking your time and remembering you don’t necessarily have a schedule.
        What kind of things have you had to send home?
        Have a couple beers and tacos beachside for me!


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