FOOD: Cost of Touring Mexico

March 9th – March 31st 2017

   I’ve had lots of questions about what it costs to tour/travel in Mexico so I am putting together a series of blog posts about everyone’s favorite topic EXPENSES! Not exciting but interesting, I think. With this first post we will focus on THE MOST important thing FOOD!! 😀 Subsequent posts will concern Accommodation, Transportation and Misc. Please message me if you would like to know something in particular, I’ll include it!

   We have found that eating locally prepared food sold from street-side carts is the cheapest way to get a meal and also affords you the opportunity to mingle with the other patrons eating around the cart, it’s a great community type of feel. It is possible to cook your own meals, we stayed in a variety of hostels, which usually have full kitchens at your disposal but you have to provide your own grub. When you go to cook your next meal, pay attention to how many things you use that you already have stored in your kitchen: garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, butter, seasonings, canned tomatoes… whatever. Each new place you stay, you have to re-purchase those things and it adds up.

  For example, I cooked a pasta bake and made a salad in the hostel and spent $22.00 at the grocery store. I could have gone to the farmers market for some items and spent less but it was getting late when we decided to cook at “home”. Also, the WHAT you cook makes a difference, we wanted a taste of mom’s cooking and mom uses ingredients that are not as cheap as if I knew more Mexican recipes with beans, rice and peppers and if we weren’t hungry for more familiar foods! 🙂

   We also noticed that in more rural areas, prepared/cooked food is cheaper and packaged/manufactured food is more expensive. Baja Mexico is more expensive than the mainland unless you are in a larger city. Below are some examples of what we have spent (exchange rate at the time of writing: USD1=MXN18.57).

  • Bakery
    • Filled Croissant (ham, cheese, fruit or chocolate): 14.5MXN ($0.72)
    • Roll/White Bread: 4MXN ($0.20)
  • Grocery
    • Avocado: 12.5MXN ($0.60)
    • 5pk. of Smallish Garlic Bulbs: 19.50MXN ($0.98)
    • White Onion: 4.95MXN ($0.24)
    • 3 Roma Tomatoes: 3.42MXN ($.17)
    • Large Container of Mushrooms; 34.90MXN ($1.75)
    • Jar of Dried Italian Spices: 23.50 ($1.20)
    • 1lb. Dried Barilla Pasta, Penne: 16MXN ($0.80)
    • Small bottle of Olive Oil: 45MXN ($2.25)
    • 1lg. Cucumber: 9.50MXN ($0.50)
    • 8oz. Block of Mozzarella: 72MXN ($3.60)
    • Can of Heinz 4 Cheese Tomato/Pasta Sauce: 22.90MXN ($1.15)
    • 10lb. Bag of Ice: 20MXN ($1.00)
    • 1 Dozen Eggs: 23.90MXN ($1.20)
    • 1/2 gal. milk: 18MXN ($0.90)
    • 1 Banana: 4MXN ($0.20)
    • Small Dannon Yogurt Cup: 7.25MXN ($.36)
    • 3pk Ferro Rocher: 26MXN ($1.30) i NEEDED it…
    • 2 Small Limes: 4.19MXN ($0.21)
    • 12 oz. bottle of soda: 10-14MXN ($0.50- $0.70)
  • Street Food
    • 2 Taco de Asada (Beef Taco): 20MXN ($1.00)
    • Shrimp Ceveche: 25MXN ($1.25)
    • 5pk. Fresh Made Churros: 12MXN ($0.60)
    • Tamales (THE MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER):  4MXN ($0.20)
    • Ice Cream; 1 scoop: 15MXN ($0.75)
    • 1 Gordita (not your Taco Bell type either, MUCH BETTER): 10MXN ($0.50)
  • Restaurants: this one is a little more difficult because it obviously depends on what you order HOWEVER, mains can average anywhere from 80MXN ($4.00)(basic taco plate) to 180MXN ($9.00)(marinated steak with sides). When the two of us were eating in a nice sit down restaurant, the bill for both with a non-alcoholic drink was typically about 300-400MXN ($15-20). We did go to Sushi at a VERY nice/fancy place where we felt totally under-dressed and my bill for a non-alcoholic beverage, Edamame, and the blind 5 course meal of the Chef’s Specialties was 615MXN ($30.75)
  • American Fast Food: There are Mc Donald’s, Burger King, KFC and Subways here. We’ve been to McD and Subway when we were craving familiar food. A meal deal at Subway(Subway Club, chips and drink) will cost 83MXN ($4.15). And roughly the same for a meal deal at McD (10 piece Chicken Nuggets, med fries and drink).



  • TOTAL SPENT: $1027.40

    • AVG/DAY: $33.14
  • FOOD: $353.76

    • Eating Out: $265.26
    • Grocery Shopping: $88.51

*I have not included tipping in the calculation above, you DO tip in Mexico and I usually tipped between 15-20% and most times more.

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