The Beast In The Night

   Well, I’m starting this blog post while trespassing at what appears to be someone’s vacation home in Italy but we’ll come back to that one. First let’s review the events that lead me here. The day started in Pisa, woke up early to climb that tower! (The first morning, tickets were sold out) According … Continue reading The Beast In The Night

Foot Touring in Pisa

   If you follow on facebook, you’ll know that I have left the bike in Germany for now as my niece is joining me in one week to tour a little of Europe. Nerves got the best of me and the day I am supposed to go to Italy with the intent to arrive bright-eyed … Continue reading Foot Touring in Pisa

Cycle Touring: Holland

   With an apparently heavy heart Amsterdam bid me a tearful goodbye. READ: it was pissing down rain on my head and chilly ta boot. I made pretty good time out of the city soon the jam packed streets gave way to deserted industrial parks, must be a day off after the King’s Day celebrations … Continue reading Cycle Touring: Holland

Amsterdam – Whata trip…

   Good morning or afternoon as your circumstances may dictate. After the fiasco that was my lost luggage and the “chalet” from hell, there was a bright side as there often is. My bright side came in the form of two energetic Australian young ladies who I first encountered while waiting at the hotel registration … Continue reading Amsterdam – Whata trip…

Arrived in Mexico City!

   I landed in Mexico City from Guadalajara at 5:50 p.m. on Good Friday and the baggage area was a MAD house. Come to find out: the Volaris flight I took from Guadalajara also carried the Mexican National Football Team or Selección de fútbol de México and the chaos was quite something to see. Fans … Continue reading Arrived in Mexico City!